Happier Than Ever: Exclusive Recycled Vinyl 2LP


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This waste free swirl variant is made from recycled vinyl scraps from all the colors of the first pressing of the record, resulting in a limited quantity collector’s edition where each individual piece of vinyl is different from another in the pressing. Official Billie Eilish store exclusive. 100% Recycled multicolor vinyl. Tracklist: 1. Getting Older 2. I Didn't Change My Number 3. Billie Bossa Nova 4. my future 5. Oxytocin 6. GOLDWING 7. Lost Cause 8. Halley's Comet 9. Not My Responsibility 10. OverHeated 11. Everybody Dies 12. Your Power 13. NDA 14. Therefore I Am 15. Happier Than Ever 16. Male Fantasy