For her forthcoming album, Billie EIlish will be releasing a limit of 8 variants of vinyl through her website as well as all major retailers including Target, Amazon, and Walmart; each on the same day, containing the same track-listing across the board and all produced with the most sustainable practices available. The standard black variant is made from 100% recycled black vinyl. The remaining 7 colored vinyl will be made from ECO-MIX or BioVinyl. The former is created using 100% recycled compound made of leftovers from any color which cannot otherwise be used. These pieces are recycled and re-used for production of future discs; therefore, every disc will be unique and look different from the last. Additionally, Billie is using recyclable compound for her single LP colors, collecting all first run scraps to re-use for additional runs later. BioVinyl helps reduce carbon emissions by 90% vs. virgin vinyl by using non-fossil fuel materials like used cooking oil or industrial waste gases while maintaining the same audio and optical quality as conventional vinyl.

All vinyl packaging is made from FSC® certified recycled paper/boards made 100% from post-consumer waste and recycled pre-consumer fibers. The ink used is raw plant-based and water-based dispersion varnish. In place of shrink-wrap, the sleeves are 100% recycled and re-usable. For shipping, all finished goods are packaged and shipped to depots in up to 93% recycled and 100% recyclable shipping boxes.

Cassette shells will be made from recycled shell pieces that are ground down and re-used to make new cassette shells. Absolutely no plastic cassette boxes will be used; instead FSC certified eco-friendly stock to make o-cards will be used in their place. Compact Disc packaging will be made from softpaks, with zero plastic jewel boxes. All softpaks will be made from FSC Certified stock with 100% renewable fibers and up to 30% post-consumer recycled fibers that are 100% recyclable.

Recognizing sustainable design as an imperfect journey of efforts, Billie is using a range of solutions as she works with her team towards constant improvement. All merchandise clothing uses residual dead stock from prior productions, organic or recycled polyester or cotton, non-toxic dye inputs and intentional design processes for circularity, reduced climate impact and regeneration to reduce harm to people and planet. Posters are made from 100% recycled paper.